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New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

One thing to be thankful for this year is having the occasion to spend time with your family over some delicious food. Whether your family likes to go out to eat or stay in and watch the football game, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to check in with everyone during the busy holiday season. While bringing back old family traditions can be a great way to bond with your family, introducing some new ones could give everyone something exciting to look forward to! Here are a couple of ideas on Thanksgiving traditions that might be right for you:

Watch a Movie

Everyone knows that eating that big Thanksgiving dinner can put the whole family right to sleep. Before slipping into your respective food comas, watch a movie together to end the night on a good note! Add to the experience and upgrade your media center by installing comfy leather seating such as the Seatcraft Bellagio. This seating has tray tables, power recline, and a footrest—the ideal combination for your Thanksgiving movie viewing! Whether you decide to watch the movie after dinner or even with dessert, this new tradition will appeal to the entire family.

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

Play Games

Settle into your living room with a combination of games that are fun for everyone! If your family tends to have that friendly competitive edge, this tradition is perfect for you. Get comfortable on your couch (we recommend the Seatcraft Heavenly Modular Sofa) and watch your family engage in a round of Charades, Monopoly, or Pictionary! This will provide you and your family with a break from all screens and technology while having a good time.

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family


Find an artistic activity that everyone can participate in. You may decide to have a finger-painting competition or even take a pottery class! Engaging your artistic senses while spending time with one another is a great way to help everyone de-stress and reconnect during the holidays.

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

Do some Charity Work

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything you have to be thankful for. Share the good fortune by volunteering you and your family’s time to a cause you all feel strongly for. Some possibilities include organizing a neighborhood food drive, donating toys to an organization for children, sponsoring a child or family in need, or even taking a trip to the nearest assisted living home!

Flag Football

Instead of giving in to the drowsiness that Thanksgiving dinner brings, take the festivities outside for some fresh air and exercise. While watching the football game from the comfort of your family sectional, set up your own game of flag football to encourage your family to spend some time outside of the house.

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

Here are some general rules/tips:

  • Make two teams of 5-7 players
  • Everyone receives a flag belt
  • A team has four consecutive downs to move forward to the next zone line to gain (and earn a first down).
  • When the runner’s flag belt is taken, the down ends and the ball is declared dead.
  • A ball becomes dead when:
    – deflagging occurs
    – the ball carrier touches the ground
    – a fumble hits the ground
    – a snap from the center touches the ground

Put on a Show!

Gather all the younger members of your family and have them plan a small talent show! The winners get Thanksgiving treats (think turkey shaped cake pops). This is an easy way to keep the children occupied while the adults sit back and toast to everything they are thankful for. Then, take a seat in your Seatcraft Rialto sectional, relax with your wine caddy nearby, and enjoy the show— your kids surely will enjoy planning it!

At the end of the day, traditions are something that your family has done from generation to generation. Nevertheless, sometimes throwing in a little something new is the perfect way to make everyone reinvest in the holiday season! There are endless unique ideas that could bring your family together on a day like Thanksgiving. Hopefully some of the ones listed above will be making their way into your home this year!