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How to Set Up Your Home Theater

How to Set Up Your Home Theater

It’s one thing to dream about your ideal home theater but when push comes to shove, bringing it to life can certainly be daunting. There are many decisions to be made between the layout, color scheme, theme, and furniture style. If you’re wondering where to start, fear not! We’re here to help guide you through the entire process. Follow this guide to start designing a home theater that will put your local cinema to shame.

Step 1

Selecting a screen or projector is the first step to building your home theater. The placement, size, dimension, and style of screen will determine the setup of the entire room. If you’re unsure about how to determine the best screen for you, take a look at this blog! It provides an in-depth explanation on ratios and distance to give you a sense of the various options you can choose from. Once you’ve got an idea of what you’d like, keep in mind that technology and screens are rapidly advancing these days. There are many high-quality products out there- it’s only a matter of finding them! Luckily we’ve already hunted down a couple of our top picks for your convenience. 

How to Set Up Your Home Theater

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Step 2

While screens are essential to the viewing of any TV show or movie, what really makes the experience memorable is the premium seating. There are many configurations that can come into play when setting up your home theater. While it may seem like an unsolvable puzzle, especially if you’re working with a large family and small space, there are tricks and tips on how to bring the room come together. Keep the wallhugger feature in the forefront of your mind as you begin your browsing. They provide a great way to be efficient with your space since it allows you to place reclining seating as close to the walls as possible! The Seatcraft Millennial is a great wallhugger option made with top grain leather that comes in both black and brown.

How to Set Up Your Home Theater

Another seating related decision has to do with color schemes. There are certain factors to take into consideration when choosing a color for your seating. Do you want it to be the main focus of the room? The centerpiece? Or, would you prefer something neutral to allow another aspect of the room to take all of the attention? To give you a better sense on how to make these decisions check out our guide to selecting colors blog!

Finally, there’s the remaining issue of style. What style are you going for? The seating you select will project a message about the theme of the overall room. If you’re looking to bring back that classic Hollywood glam, consider the Seatcraft Regis. It comes in 95+ colors and can form both straight and curved rows making it adaptable to a variety of spaces!

How to Set Up Your Home Theater

Step 3

There are many different audio options from soundbars to stereo speakers and surround sound. What’s the difference between them? Well, while soundbars can be great for small spaces, true audiophiles will want to consider a full surround system. This will require figuring out the best placement for your speakers in relation to your seating. You’ll also want to be mindful of cable clutter– nothing makes a room look more hectic than a jungle of cables hanging out from the walls! If you’re having difficulty with your cable clutter, don’t worry. There are easy solutions that can make your mess disappear and keep all of your cables organized.

One way to take your home theater to the next level is with SoundShaker technology. This kit uses wireless audio signals to make your seat move along with the action in a movie! For those of you who find yourselves wishing you were fighting crime right alongside your favorite superhero, this feature will bring you a step closer.

How to Set Up Your Home Theater

Step 4

Congratulations, you’re almost done setting up your very own home theater! The last step to making your cinema-related dreams come true is decor. If you’re in need of some inspiration, take a look at some designs we love. There are so many unique ways to transform a space into your own personal movie watching haven. You could incorporate an accent wall, floating shelves for DVDs, framed movie posters, and so much more! There are no right or wrong answers with this one, here’s your chance to really have fun with it.

How to Set Up Your Home Theater

Now that you’ve built the perfect home theater, it’s time to start the show. If you’re looking to personalize the experience even more, consider accessorizing your seating with fun additions such as a wine glass caddy or swivel tray table! Once you’ve added those final touches, invite your friends and family over for a viewing of your favorite movie. After all, you’ve got the nicest theater around!

Evolution of the Movie Theater Experience

Evolution of the Movie Theater Experience

Once upon a time, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, the Vitascope opened its doors to the general public for the first time. The year was 1896 and no other theater in the U.S. had ever been designed with the sole purpose of displaying motion pictures. Since then, movie theaters have evolved tremendously with the incorporation of concession snacks, plush seating, sound-shaking technology, and even 3D visuals. Today, as you sit in the comfort of a reclining leather chair with popcorn and an Icee in hand, do you ever ask yourself why theaters are red? Or perhaps, as your chair trembles with the apparition of a dinosaur on the IMAX screen, do you wonder how this immersive action is happening? Here’s a little insight into the evolution of the movie theater experience – as well as a couple of tips on how to bring the magic home:

Evolution of the Movie Theater Experience


1896- Edison’s Vitascope Theater makes history with its 72 seat design dedicated to the showing of motion pictures.

1905- Harry Davis and John Davis open “The Nickelodeon” in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. $.05 Nickelodeon movies rise in popularity and spread across the country.

1922- The first 3D movie, Harry K. Fairall’s “The Power of Love,” is shown at the Ambassador Hotel Theater in Los Angeles.

1925- Popcorn is introduced into cinemas when Charles Manley, an inventor based in Montana, develops the first electric popcorn machine. He specifically targets movie theater owners when marketing his product, thus creating the most iconic theater snack of all time.

1935- With the 1930s comes the introduction of candy into concession stands. As these snacks increase with popularity, the concession stand becomes a more and more prominent addition to the architecture of each theater.

1967- The first IMAX 3D theater opens in Vancouver at Expo ‘86.

Evolution of the Movie Theater Experience


  1. Movie theaters are traditionally red because human eyes are less sensitive to the color red which makes the room appear darker. This, in turn, provides good contrast with the screen, optimizing the viewer experience. The color red is also used in cinemas for its psychological effects. Red is believed to be a stimulating color that can cause people to feel more emotion. This enhances the connection between the audience and the onscreen actors.

  2. Movie theater seats can shake and tremble through the work of transmitters and transducers! A wireless audio signal tells your seat exactly when to vibrate along with the movie’s soundtrack. Seatcraft’s SoundShaker Amp Kit is a great way to upgrade your home theater into a wild adventure.

Evolution of the Movie Theater Experience


While going to the movies can be fun, sometimes staying in and watching a movie at home is even better. Bring the movie experience home by customizing the perfect home theater for you!

Start by selecting your ideal seating. Looking for a classical red that will have you reminiscing over $.05 Nickelodeon movies? Try the Seacraft Regis! The deep red and gold combination will transform your home into the most glamorous Hollywood theater.

Evolution of the Movie Theater Experience

If you prefer something more modern, look no further than the Seatcraft Eros. Made with a plush headrest and manual recline this seating looks like it’s straight out of your local cinema– and in some cases, it is!

Evolution of the Movie Theater Experience

There are even seats designed specifically for you and a loved one! Check out the Seatcraft Cuddle Seat for a unique set up catered to your taste! These seats can fit up to two adults or three kids at a time.  

Evolution of the Movie Theater Experience

Then, personalize your home theater with fun gadgets like a tablet holder or wine glass caddy from! If you have a sweet tooth, look into purchasing a cotton candy or ice cream maker for your own in-house concessions stand! Or, make delicious homemade popcorn in a variety of flavors such as garlic parmesan or caramel apple.

Finally, queue up your favorite movies, kick back, relax, and let the credits roll!

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

One thing to be thankful for this year is having the occasion to spend time with your family over some delicious food. Whether your family likes to go out to eat or stay in and watch the football game, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to check in with everyone during the busy holiday season. While bringing back old family traditions can be a great way to bond with your family, introducing some new ones could give everyone something exciting to look forward to! Here are a couple of ideas on Thanksgiving traditions that might be right for you:

Watch a Movie

Everyone knows that eating that big Thanksgiving dinner can put the whole family right to sleep. Before slipping into your respective food comas, watch a movie together to end the night on a good note! Add to the experience and upgrade your media center by installing comfy leather seating such as the Seatcraft Bellagio. This seating has tray tables, power recline, and a footrest—the ideal combination for your Thanksgiving movie viewing! Whether you decide to watch the movie after dinner or even with dessert, this new tradition will appeal to the entire family.

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

Play Games

Settle into your living room with a combination of games that are fun for everyone! If your family tends to have that friendly competitive edge, this tradition is perfect for you. Get comfortable on your couch (we recommend the Seatcraft Heavenly Modular Sofa) and watch your family engage in a round of Charades, Monopoly, or Pictionary! This will provide you and your family with a break from all screens and technology while having a good time.

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family


Find an artistic activity that everyone can participate in. You may decide to have a finger-painting competition or even take a pottery class! Engaging your artistic senses while spending time with one another is a great way to help everyone de-stress and reconnect during the holidays.

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

Do some Charity Work

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on everything you have to be thankful for. Share the good fortune by volunteering you and your family’s time to a cause you all feel strongly for. Some possibilities include organizing a neighborhood food drive, donating toys to an organization for children, sponsoring a child or family in need, or even taking a trip to the nearest assisted living home!

Flag Football

Instead of giving in to the drowsiness that Thanksgiving dinner brings, take the festivities outside for some fresh air and exercise. While watching the football game from the comfort of your family sectional, set up your own game of flag football to encourage your family to spend some time outside of the house.

New Thanksgiving Traditions for the Family

Here are some general rules/tips:

  • Make two teams of 5-7 players
  • Everyone receives a flag belt
  • A team has four consecutive downs to move forward to the next zone line to gain (and earn a first down).
  • When the runner’s flag belt is taken, the down ends and the ball is declared dead.
  • A ball becomes dead when:
    – deflagging occurs
    – the ball carrier touches the ground
    – a fumble hits the ground
    – a snap from the center touches the ground

Put on a Show!

Gather all the younger members of your family and have them plan a small talent show! The winners get Thanksgiving treats (think turkey shaped cake pops). This is an easy way to keep the children occupied while the adults sit back and toast to everything they are thankful for. Then, take a seat in your Seatcraft Rialto sectional, relax with your wine caddy nearby, and enjoy the show— your kids surely will enjoy planning it!

At the end of the day, traditions are something that your family has done from generation to generation. Nevertheless, sometimes throwing in a little something new is the perfect way to make everyone reinvest in the holiday season! There are endless unique ideas that could bring your family together on a day like Thanksgiving. Hopefully some of the ones listed above will be making their way into your home this year!