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How to Design a Home Theater in a Small Space

How to Design a Home Theater in a Small Space

The Home Theater

Has it always been a dream of yours to have a movie theater in your home but just don’t have the necessary space? Believe it or not, sometimes smaller spaces work in your favor when it comes to designing a home theater. Gone are the days of needing hundreds of square feet to have your own go-to cinema. Home theaters are gaining popularity and becoming more accessible than ever for various budgets and spaces.

The Theater Room

If you’re in a small space, your options tend to be limited on where to have your home theater room. If you have a spare room– a guest room, a basement, etc– and have been thinking about converting it to your home theater, there are many tricks and tips to maximize the limited space you have. However, if all of your rooms are occupied, consider turning your traditional living room into your own personal theater.

Screen Placement: In a rectangular space, try to put the screen on a shorter wall for better sound. If there is a window in the room, be aware of the potential reflection and place the television on an adjacent wall or consider investing in blackout curtains.

How to Design a Home Theater in a Small Space

Walls: If your roommate has ever pounded on your door because you were “chewing too loudly” that one time, soundproofing may be a priority. You want to enjoy your new setup while also being conscious of neighbors or others in the house. Acoustic wall panels are available at ranging prices and can go a long way to muffle noise and tone down any echo. Carpet tiles are also an option for those looking for a cheaper alternative.

Color Scheme: Paint the theater room as dark as possible. Find a flat or eggshell neutral color, such as beige or olive. Glossy, bright colors can reflect any light in the room and can even change what colors you are perceiving on the screen.

The Sound & Screen

Depending on your space and preference, there are many viable options for screening and sound. Always work with the space you have, not the space you wish you had. Try to avoid buying larger than necessary just because it is a bigger option. In this case, bigger isn’t always better. No matter what you decide, placement is key to utilizing the best features in each of these options.

Screen: A television is always an option, but if you are looking for movie quality in a small space, consider purchasing a projector. They can mount to the ceiling and project onto a screen or even just the wall.

Sound: Most theater rooms have five full-range speakers and one low-range speaker. For optimal sound, the low-range and three of the full-range speakers should be placed in the front of the room, facing your audience. The two remaining speakers should then be placed on the side walls, slightly behind the seating.

Front and center: It is important to emphasize your front, centered speaker as it is the most important. This is where the sound will directly project from your screen. When the actors are talking, it is important to create the illusion that the dialogue is coming from the screen, not from the back of the room. The low-range speaker should also be at the front of the room but can be placed in a corner.

The Seating

Nothing is worse than not enjoying a movie because the plastic armrests are digging into your skin or your back is cramping from the uncomfortable seats. If you want your guests to be comfortable and enjoy their experience, finding the right seating is a must. This does not mean breaking the bank, or even limiting your seating due to bulky, oversized chairs.

Cuddle Seats: If a seat you can melt into is your ideal choice, consider going with a cuddle seat by Seatcraft. The cuddle seat is a cozy, fun option your guests can easily sink into for a long movie. It is easy to clean and the durable foam will last for years. For full service seating, consider upgrading to the cuddle couch that also includes tray tables, cup holders, and room for more than one guest.

How to Design a Home Theater in a Small Space

Wall-Hugger Seats: If space is your biggest concern, you can choose a more sleek chair without sacrificing comfort or accessories. Seatcraft space saver chairs can recline fully when placed within inches of a wall. The slender armrests save width space while still having room for cup holders.

The Entertainment

Whatever options work best for you, have fun creating your own home movie theater! Decide on your main priorities– sound, viewing, or seating– and create a space that meets your movie viewing needs. Utilize the strongest features of your space to provide a comfortable experience for your guests. Now all that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

How to Throw a Party for the Big Game

How to Throw a Party for the Big Game

What’s the best day of the year, you may ask? It’s not a national holiday, but it might as well be. You guessed it— it’s the Super Bowl! If it’s your turn to host the party, don’t sweat it. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about hosting a Super Bowl party that will go down in history.

How to Throw a Party for the Big Game

Let’s start with the essentials:


Football is popular for two reasons: it’s a great sport, and with that great sport comes great food. Impress your guests with the works. From wings and sliders to chili and dips, there’s no shortage of delicious game day foods that will put everyone in the Super Bowl spirit. Looking of some recipes? Here are a couple of crowd pleasers that will surely be a touchdown:

Pigs in a Blanket

How to Throw a Party for the Big Game

  • 1 twelve ounce pack of sausage links
  • 1 sheet of frozen puff pastry
  • Your favorite dipping sauces

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 400° F. Cut your sausages up into small pieces, starting lengthwise in quarters then width wise in halves. Then cut your pastry sheet into strips that are about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide.

Step 2: Roll the sausages into the pastry strips, transfer to a baking sheet, and cook for 15-20 minutes.

Guacamole and Chips

How to Throw a Party for the Big Game

  • 5 avocados
  • 1/2 red onion
  • 1 cup fresh cilantro
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • Seasoning to taste
  • 1 bag tortilla chips

Mix all of the ingredients into a bowl, ensuring the avocados are mashed until creamy. Serve with tortilla chips on the side.

Once you’ve come up with all of your tasty snacks, don’t forget the refreshments!


Seating is essential to any Super Bowl party. Ramp up your media room with a sectional that will fit everyone! The Seatcraft Niagara is made with Top Grain 7000 leather, comes with options for either power or manual recline, contains cup holders with blue LED lighting, and is a comfortable fit for all your football fan friends!

How to Throw a Party for the Big Game

If you’re looking for a simple, modern-looking couch check out the Seatcraft Heavenly, which comes in three neutral colors. The 50/50 Goose Feathers & Fibers will have your guests feeling like they’re sitting on a cloud.

How to Throw a Party for the Big Game

Set Up

Be sure to set the room up so that everyone can comfortably see the one thing that really matters on game day— the big screen. Whether you are using a projector, flat screen, make sure that your seating is properly arranged to avoid any blackout areas for viewing.

One helpful way to make sure everyone has a spot and a good view is by incorporating wall-hugging seating into your media room. This seating can be installed as close as 5 inches away from the wall while still being able to recline. One great model with the wall-hugger feature is the Seatcraft Millennia. Not only is it made with top grain 7000 leather, it will save space in your house and solve any seating or set up problems you might have!

Another important thing to test out before game day is your audio. No one wants to see a halftime show without sound! Turn everything on the morning of to make sure it’s running properly.

Add your own personal touch by incorporating:


If you’re rooting for one of the teams playing in this year’s Super Bowl, decorate your house accordingly! Use that team’s colors for all your party supply needs like paper cups, plates, or napkins.


Make things interesting between your guests by incorporating some friendly bets throughout the game. This will keep everyone’s eyes on the screen, not only the big football fans. Whether you’re betting on a player, winning team, halftime show, or what color the gatorade bath is at the end, putting a little bit of money into the mix will have everyone on the edge of their seats. You can even place some friendly wagers on the commercials. After all, for some people they are the highlight of the Super Bowl!

Remember, no matter how you host your party for the big game, you’re guaranteed to have a good time as long as you’re in good company and good spirits. That being said, is it ever really a party without nachos?

Karl Strauss + Pairings

Karl Strauss + Pairings

You always know when fall is about to check in: There’s a refreshing crisp in the air; warmer layers are piling on; tastes are becoming richer with savory meals stuffed with apples, pumpkins, and wholesome spices like nutmeg and cinnamon; you can hear a slight crunch in your step as you trek through fallen leaves; and, of course, there’s the return of the seasonal spiciness and deep flavors of fall beers paired with Monday Night Football.

Where there’s the comfort of rich foods, warm tastes, delicious beer, and your favorite team playing, there should always be a comfortable seat. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to enhance your game watching experience, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy. Because it’s never too late to discover first-class comfort alongside the handcrafted quality of a Karl Strauss beer.

Front Row Action

Karl Strauss + Pairings

Aurora Hoppyalis IPA showcases hops, front and center. Robust flavors and aromas of tropical fruit, pine, and tangerine linger through a dry, crisp finish. Aurora Hoppyalis is an awesome pairing for stronger cheeses like blue or gorgonzola. Kick up your game day experience even more with Seatcraft’s revolutionary SoundShaker Vibration Kit and bring the energy of the field home to you as your seat shakes and vibrates in synchronization with on-screen action.

Don’t Miss a Moment of the Action

Karl Strauss + Pairings

Mosaic Session IPA is bursting with vibrant grapefruit aroma and flavors of citrus and tropical fruit. It’s perfect with fish tacos because the beer’s citrusy flavor profile complements a squeeze of lemon on the tacos. And if you like your tacos on the spicier side, Mosaic Session IPA has enough of a malt backbone to help temper the heat. But, be careful, tacos can get messy. We recommend using Seatcraft’s Swivel Tray Table so you can enjoy your tasty bites, refreshing beer, and game day entertainment without ever having to leave the comfort of your home theater chair!

Get Carried Away

Karl Strauss + Pairings

Karl Strauss Oktoberfest lager pairs wonderfully with another autumn staple – pork schnitzel sliders! The beer’s toasted malt flavors complement both the sweet pork and salty pretzel buns. Oktoberfest’s crisp, clean finish leaves your palate feeling refreshed after each bite. And with tastes that good, you’ll really want to just sit back and relax. Explore the ultimate in relaxation with Seatcraft’s Larosa Home Theater Seating, with top grain leather, power recline, and Chaiselounger footrests.

Celebrate in Style  

Karl Strauss + Pairings

Peanut Butter Cup Porter is Karl Strauss’s twist on a robust porter, and it packs rich layers of smooth peanut butter and dark chocolate flavors. Go for chocolatey desserts as a pairing, because this beer has enough roasty malt flavors to balance out any sugary sweetness in the dish. In addition, the chocolate, coffee, and peanut butter qualities in the beer are easy complimentary flavors to find in desserts! If you enjoy a cigar as part of your celebration, you’ll also want to check out Seatcraft’s Cigar Host as you bring the cigar lounge experience right into your home theater room.  


Karl Strauss + Pairings

Queen of Tarts is Karl Strauss’s dark sour ale aged in American Oak barrels with Michigan tart cherries. It’s rather complex, which means it’s really fun to pair with! The tart cherry flavor contrasts the natural sweetness in grilled meats or buttery fish, and can make a great accompaniment to a side salad with bitter greens. Try it with Seatcraft’s Neck Pillow because you know you want to treat yourself.