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Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Theater

Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Theater

Home theaters can come in all shapes, sizes, and most importantly, price ranges. Adding this little luxury to your home does not mean you need to break the bank! Budget-friendly home theaters are easily obtainable with the help of a few tips and little bit of planning.



The average home theater requires a display device, some kind of source, a sound system, storage, and seating. Begin by deciding which of those components is most important to you. Are you looking to splurge on a beautiful sectional for the whole family? Perhaps you want to decide on something like the  Seatcraft Niagara with top grain 7000 leather and power recline. This option even includes in-seat storage, eliminating the need for additional containers and racks.

If you’d prefer to focus on the display device, consider cutting down on the seating budget by selecting a more affordable option such as the Seatcraft Argonaut. With its built-in cupholders and power recline, the Seatcraft Argonaut boasts the right amount of comfort at a reasonable price. Using the money you’ve saved, take a look at some of the best big screen TVs out there!

Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Theater

Are you someone who pays attention to detail? Convenient accessories can significantly improve the overall feel and comfort of your home theater while limiting the need for additional furniture. For example, swivel tray tables and wine caddies could be the right substitute for an expensive coffee table or side tables! This might also be helpful when it comes to downsizing your home theater to fit a smaller space.

Once you’ve decided which items you’d like to highlight in your space, make a document including your overall budget and a breakdown of sums for everything it includes. This will be a helpful guideline when making purchases to prevent any overspending! If you realize that the budget you’ve created may not be realistic, don’t worry. Simply sit down and go over the numbers again until you’ve come up with a list of amounts that work for you.


There are so many different types of screens and audio systems available for home theaters– how do you choose the right one for you? If it happens to be a matter of budget, LCD and plasma screens tend to run at lower prices than LED screens. That being said, it’s all a matter of whether you’re interested in investing for the long term or upgrading every few years. As for audio, soundbars are the easiest and most affordable way to go. The nice thing with this option is that there are no cables involved, giving it a clean and classic look. Similar to the soundbar is the sound base, which can even act as a pedestal for your television.

Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Theater


Now that you’ve made a budget and done the research on the products you want, it’s time to put it all together! If you’re looking to optimize your space, consider seating with the “wall hugging” feature. This will allow you to place your seating only five inches away from the wall while still having it recline! The Seatcraft Millenia  is an affordable wall-hugger that comes with the option to add swivel trays. Dine and recline in your home theater once it’s all set up!

Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Theater

Next, clear up any cable clutter with these helpful tips! Then mount the screen of your choice and don’t forget to hook up the audio. Your home theater is really beginning to take shape now. Need a little guidance to prevent any missteps? We’ve got you covered here with a few home theater designs to avoid. All that’s left to do is pick out some decorations, add your favorite furniture, and make the space your own.

Congratulations, you’ve built the ideal budget-friendly home theater! All it took was a little planning and research along the way. From now on watching any movie from the comfort of your own home will be done in style. If that’s not worth it, what is?