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Home Theater Vs. Movie Theater: Why It Makes Sense to Stay at Home

Gone are the days of going to the theater each weekend to catch the latest new release! Going to the movie theater makes for a great date night, but have you ever considered creating your own theater in your home? Home theaters are practical for both avid film lovers and casual TV watchers alike. A home theater may appear to cost more upfront, but it will easily pay for itself over time. Plus, having a great home theater in your house will increase your home value!


Movie Theater:

  • Tickets: $9 per person on average (add $3 for 3D).
  • Snacks: $9 per person ($4 soda and $5 popcorn)
  • Total cost = $18 per person. Multiply that for a family of 4 and a quick trip to the movies suddenly costs $60! If the family goes only once a month for a year, that’s $720!

giphy (9)

Home Theater:

  • Seating: Seatcraft home theater seats start at just $280. (2 chairs = $560)
  • Equipment: $800. Projector ($300), sound system ($400), projector screen ($100).
  • Snacks: When bought in bulk, movie theater snacks (24 packs of popcorn, 12 boxes of theater-style candy and a case of soda) will cost about $40.
  • 3D: You can enjoy 3D films at home too! Purchase reusable 3D glasses for $3 each.

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One year of trips to the movie theater for your family costs approximately $720, without factoring in costs such as gas, paid parking or other fees. Installing in a media room in your home can start at as low as $1,400. Although a home theater may seem more expensive upfront, consider it an investment for the future. Remember, a home theater will last your family for years to come.


Some tend to treat the movie theater like their own home– kick off their shoes, lounge about, and some even bring a blanket. But, let’s be honest, this is typically often frowned upon. You are in a public place, after all! In the comfort of your own home, you can feel free to sit back and relax! Go ahead and text the whole way through the movie. No one will stop you!

You have full control over all settings at home. While some may complain that the volume in the theater is too loud, others may say it’s not loud enough. Plus, movie theaters are notoriously cold! Cozy up in a cuddle seat or turn up the heat at home.

cuddle seat

Getting up during the movie requires blocking others when leaving the row and missing key plot points. With your home theater, you can easily pop out of the room with zero interruption all with the hit of a pause button. You can even host an official intermission if your crew is in need of a break.

Not a huge fan of the previews taking up the first 20 minutes of the film? Kiss them good-bye with a home theater!

Movie Theater Seats vs Home Theater Seats

Many movie theater seats tend to be uncomfortable. They pose as cushioned, comfortable chairs, but in reality, they are an ergonomic nightmare! If you find yourself achey and hunched over when leaving the theater, consider investing in high-quality home theater seating.

Home theater seats provide a multitude of options. Interested in an LED reading light? Check! More of a wine person? Install a wine glass caddy.

In your home theater, there are no bad seats in the house! All seats are positioned for optimal viewing.

Spending an evening at the movies is more than just seeing the latest release – it’s all about the night out! Going to the movie theater is expensive. Those pesky ticket and concession costs add up quickly! For a family of 4, the average cost of going to the movies is $60, averaging $720 for a year’s worth cinematic experiences!  With a quality home theater cost starting around $1,400, it’s a no brainer, right? That new home theater could be “paid off” in as little as two years after dropping those monthly theater dates. What’s even better than saving money? Having a comfortable movie-watching experience in a customized home theater that will last your family for years to come.