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Epic Gaming Room Setups

Let’s be honest – are you ever REALLY too old to have a game room? We’ve compiled some of our favorite designs for your very own grown-up hangout. Unleash your inner gamer with these epic gaming room setups!

Rev Up Your Experience With The Ultimate Surround Sound

rev up

Take your gaming room to the next level by making sound a top priority. With games constantly upping their graphics, focusing on improving sound from your end will make you feel like you’re right in the action. You can kick it up a notch by installing a SoundShaker Seat Vibration Kit to your chair to feel each sound to its core.

Turn A Small Space Into Your Own Battlestation

turn small spot into

Just because you have a small gaming area doesn’t mean your decor needs to suffer. Whether you’re playing Battlefront or Knights of the Old Republic, designing your space like this is sure to enhance your game and help you connect with your inner jedi.

Showcase Your Collectors’ Items

showcase your collectors

Rather than keeping collectibles, memorabilia, and swag in drawers or shelves throughout the house, showcase them in your gaming room. This will give the room a personalized style and help you get in the zone as you play. Try adding one of Seatcraft’s Cuddle Seats for a cloud-like, transportive sit.

Cartoons With A Twist: Take Street Art Indoors

cartoons with a twist

If you want to showcase your artistic or edgy side, try incorporating street art based on your favorite characters and videogames. Contrasting these two mediums of art will give your game room a truly original feel.

Customize Your Own Alien Spacecraft

customize alien

If you’re up for the challenge, design your game room to look like the inside of an alien spacecraft or a military combat vehicle. The picture says it all: you will be completely transported to the fantasy realm of your choice. Try adding one of Seatcraft’s Reclining Windsor Seats to add a deep, luxurious chair that gives you the comfort you’re craving.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting


Lighting is one of the most important things to remember when transforming your game room from average to epic. Pick blue, green, purple, or red lights to enhance the video game of your choice– or even mix and match to capture your desired feel. These Seatcraft Excalibur LX Seats feature ambient base lighting and lit cup holders, making them perfect additions to your lighting-focused game room!

The Hosting Arena

hosting arena

Gaming with friends? Whether it’s Call of Duty or FIFA, you can turn your game room into the perfect hosting arena by incorporating Seatcraft’s Rialto Flip Arm Theater Seats that offer options for a stadium feel without the risers. Start with one row, or add three; it’s all up to you! These reclining seats also have amazing lumbar support and chaiselounger footrests, perfect for hours of gameplay. Add a galaxy ceiling, bordered by ambient light, to make it completely your own!

The Virtual Library

virtual library

Don’t sell your old games; show them off! Create your very own library of computer games, old GameCube or Gameboy games, even new PS4 games. You can even include fun neon signs, figurines, old game consoles, and playing cards to personalize the space. Try our Seatcraft Genesis Sectional to accommodate friends and give your space more room for company. It’s the perfect reclining couch-like piece to fit any gamer’s sanctuary.

For more design inspiration and options, visit or check out our Pinterest page!