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Welcome To Seatcraft!

Welcome to the launch of the brand new Seatcraft blog! This page will keep you updated on all of the latest news and developments in the Seatcraft line of premium seating. As you can see, we’ve redesigned the site to add a plethora of new features, so that your needs can be fully met. Our front page now features a new, easy to navigate site map, with links to our history, contact information, material descriptions, and product information now at your fingertips. Social media links allow you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube, or you can enter your email address to receive news on our weekly specials. We here at Seatcraft want you to stay connected, and welcome feedback.

Each product page now has complete information on each item, in an attractive design that is fully illustrated with photos and diagrams. A full description of the product is followed by a list and description of its relevant features, such as hidden in-arm storage, lighted cup holders, or ambient base lighting. Close-up photos allow you to see each feature in-depth, while a full gallery underneath presents a wide range of pictures showcasing the chair from every angle. A description of the material follows, with the available color choices handily displayed to the left. Finally, an illustrated diagram outlines the exact dimensions of each seat, with all of its relevant configurations so that you know whether it is the right match for your room.

Seatcraft has been manufacturing fine furniture since 1978. What began as a maker of automotive seating soon expanded into RV seating and furniture, before moving into the world of high-class home theater seating in 2001. Our line of Seatcraft seats comes in their own unique design style, from contemporary to classic, which will blend seamlessly into any theater décor setup. The chairs in our Seatcraft Signature line boast deluxe extras such as premium Grade 7000 Leather, power recline, tray tables, and lighted cup holders. For those who like to customize the theater seat of their dreams, our sectionals are the perfect solution. Choose from a variety of seat and wedge options to create the ultimate seating configuration to fit the size, layout, and décor of your room. Check back to the site often, as new lines and products are added! Rest assured that you will always receive a seat crafted to the highest possible standards, where perfection is never unattainable.