Seatcraft Your Choice Solarium Media Lounge Sofa

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Seatcraft Your Choice Solarium Media Lounge Sofa

Seatcraft Your Choice Solarium Multimedia Sectional

Seatcraft Solarium Multimedia Sectional

  • 3+ Material Options
  • 15+ Color Choices
  • Power Recline Chaiseloungers
  • USB Charging Station
  • LED Armrest Accents
  • FREE Swivel Tray Table
  • Hidden In-Arm Storage
  • Finished Backrests
  • Espresso Foot Finish
  • LED Lighted Cupholders
  • Wall-Hugger Seating
  • Optional Matching Ottoman
  • Power Recline

Seatcraft Your Choice Solarium Luxury Media Lounge Sofa

The Solarium welcomes you to the furthest reach of luxury furniture design and artisanship in the world. This empyrean throne is a monument to the intersection of art, luxury, and comfort. Its scale, radiant blue LED armrest accents, and stellar aptitude to stun with its appearance alone earns its name as the Seatcraft Solarium.

This otherworldly addition to a domain does more than captivate with looks, it unburdens the body with cool leather gel, deeply woven layers of high density and long lasting memory foam, ergonomically perfected lumbar support pads with diamond-stiched reinforcement, and power reclining backrests. Yet surprisingly the Solarium does more than alleviate the body, it engages the mind with pragmatic features such as USB charging, in-arm storage for electronics or conveniences, cupholders, and accessory grommets.

For once, should you want the greatest evening, or even lifetime of evenings, that feel and look as astronomically vast as your dreams could imagine, it can be reliably found in the Seatcraft Solarium; and those evenings will be more comfortable than you can imagine in this behemoth of a sofa. It’s durable, it feels incredible years and years after enjoyment, it offers features beyond furniture, and, you can choose it to be upholstered in any of our Your Choiceâ„¢ premium line of materials; from the deep and rich top grain leather 7000’s, to the most silken, soft plains of Bella Fabrics.

USB Charging Station

Each armrest features a USB Charging recline switch, allowing you to charge most of your favorite devices with ease without leaving your seat or fussing to reach an outlet.

Seatcraft Solarium Home Theater USB Charging Armrests

Seatcraft Solarium LED Armrest Accents

LED Armrest Accents

A Sapphire LED glow peers from beneath the etched jet black surface of these armrest accents.

Hidden In-Arm Storage

Store snacks, magazines, remotes, or anything inside these deep and spacious hidden in-arm storage compartments.

Solarium Hidden In-Arm Storage

Seatcraft Solarium Power Chaiseloungers

Power Recline Chaiseloungers

Comprehensive Comfort from head to toe with a reclining chaiselounger that cradles you in blissful comfort.

Espresso Foot Finish

Each wooden foot rest is reinforced and features a deep, rich, espresso color.

Seatcraft Solarium Espresso Foot Finish

Seatcraft Solarium Custom Luxury Ottoman

Optional Matching Ottoman

Stretch your legs out and relax with this optional ottoman footrest

Finished Backrests

Comprehensive upholstery for a beautiful look anywhere in the room.

Seatcraft Solarium Luxury Backrest Upholstery

Seatcraft Apex Solarium Home Theater Furniture Tray Tables

Free Swivel Tray Tables

Removable swivel tray table with a polished black finish. Place and keep snacks, remotes and drinks within easy reach, and off to the side when not needed.

LED Lighted Cup Holders

Keeping drinks always within reach, these sleek cupholders can emit their sapphire blue glow to illuminate your drinks in the dark at the press of a button from the recline switch.

Seatcraft Solarium Home Theater Sofa Cupholders







Bella fabric is an exceptionally smooth, silky material that is easy to maintain and projects a warm, inviting aura. Instantly soft to the touch, it’s available in a number of different solid color options that will match any theater decor. This fabric will caress your frame, transporting you to a state of placid relaxation in moments.

Leather 5000

Top Grain Leather is one of the highest qualities of leather available on the market. Feel the difference of a richly textured material drawn from the outer hide of the animal, which heightens each of the senses in turn. The eyes will be attracted to its deep, mesmerizing grains, which are fully caressing to the touch; meanwhile, inhale the distinct aroma that only pure top grain leather can impart. This material is carefully buffed to remove any imperfections (variations in color, texture, etc.), for a smoothly consistent look.

Leather 7000

Leather 7000 is, quite simply, the very finest leather you can pick for your home theater seat. This exclusive, luxury material is a type of top-grain leather that is painstakingly hand-picked from the top 30% of all cow hides, chosen for premium look and texture. Only the thickest, toughest, best looking, and most durable top-grain hides will do! The leather is then carefully buffed to remove any imperfections or variations in color and texture, so that your home theater seat looks as swank, consistent, and inviting as possible.


Seatcraft Solarium Multimedia Theater Furniture

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