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Choices are hard, but we’ve got you covered in every situation. Family, friends, neighbors, even the pets - our seats will fit them all. Bring on the entertainment!

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  1. 1Leather or Fabric Material

    Top Grain Leather? Smooth, silky fabrics? Multiple colors? Design a seat that is truly unique. Start your journey into comfort when you choose your material.

  2. 2Straight or Curved Rows

    Next we need to know how you roll: Straight or Curved Rows? Hint: Big rooms are better for curved and small rooms are perfect for straight.

  3. 3Power or Manual Recline

    Last but not least - how do you want to recline? With a manual lever? Or the push of powered button? Whatever your preference, we can accommodate!

Available Colors & Materials

Available Colors & Materials

With a wide array of materials and colors to choose from - everything from fabric and bonded leather, to multiple grades of leather, and Polyurethane - we’ve got options to suit any home theater.

Comfort That Seats You!

Welcome to Seatcraft, a leader in the field of premium home theater seating. Our company is devoted to crafting the finest home theater seats, sofas, and sectionals on the market. Superior materials, rigorous construction standards, and eye-catching designs are all employed in our quest to create the perfect seating experience. At Seatcraft, quality and innovation blend to create a total immersion in style and comfort.

Our home theater seats bring you right into the center of the action with features that include overstuffed headrests, chaiselounger footrests, and lighted cup holders. Each seat has its own individual design flair, from contemporary to classic, with a wide range of material and color options to choose from. With Seatcraft the possibilities are endless, and perfection is never unattainable.

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If you have any questions about Seatcraft products or services, we are happy to assist. Please contact us by phone, email, or the web. We will provide a response shortly.

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Building Furniture Since 1978

With over 40 years of crafting experience, Seatcraft has the skill and expertise customers look for in quality home furniture. Our engineering knowledge and optimized construction techniques ensure every seat is built to the highest standards.


Products Manufactured at the Highest Level

We are committed to using only top-quality, premium materials. We source the best parts and employ an exhaustive quality assurance checklist to ensure every single seat meets our standards. Additionally, we are constantly striving to improve our production methods and standards.


Our Commitment to Innovation

We were one of the first to bring you USB Charging, Power Headrests, and Power Lumbar in home theater seating, and we continue striving to bring you the newest technology. We push the limits of what can be done with seating and if it can be upgraded or improved in some way, you can bet we are looking into it.


Massive Stocking Program

We keep over 10,000 seats in stock and have multiple warehouses we ship from. Additionally, available products are shipped within 24 hours of ordering. We are constantly creating and importing products to stock.


A Team That Cares

We treat our customers the same way we would like to be treated: with care and respect. Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. To accomplish that goal, we employ a highly experienced team that is ready to help you choose the right piece of furniture.