Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair

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Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair

Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair

Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair

  • Space Saver Design
  • Wall Hugger Design
  • Included Tray Tables
  • Ambient Base Lighting
  • Lighted Cup Holders
  • Padded Headrests
  • Chaiselounger Footrests
  • Cradling Backrest

The Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair is renowned for its elegant space-saving design, that nonetheless highlights an array of essential features. This seat is constructed from 100% genuine bonded leather, for the smooth look of full-grain leather at a smart value. The chair itself is of a regular size, but its armrests are less wide than the standard, allowing it to conserve space without discomfort. Ambient lighted cupholders and ambient base lighting will provide a soothing marquee glow that is sure to impress friends and family, even as it allows them to see in the dark. Included black tray tables will allow you to put essential items such as magazines, remotes, and laptops within arm’s reach. Wall-hugger seating allows the chair to sit just inches from the wall, even in full recline, furthering its efficient use of space. Padded headrests offer soft, sinking comfort that is mirrored by a cradling backrest. In addition, a chaiselounger footrest will provide full support to the legs and lower torso area, so that your entire body can relax with ease.

Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair Tray Table

Tray Table

Free included tray tables attach easily to the armrests. For the convenient placement of snacks, magazines, remotes, laptops, and any other items within easy arm’s reach.

Space Saver Design

This chair is designed with slimmer armrests, so that it takes up less space in your home theater. This feature is useful for those looking to maximize their décor options.

Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair Space Saver Design

Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair Ambient Lighting

Ambient Base Lighting

This lighted sky-blue streak at the bottom of the chair provides a brilliant marquee accent, that is also useful for guiding anyone in and out of a darkened theater.



1001 Black


1002 Brown

Bonded Leather

For those searching for the many benefits of leather combined with the affordable value of other materials, bonded leather is literally the best of both worlds. This style, which was introduced onto the market in 2007, was a way to present the look and feel of genuine full-grain leather at a fraction of the cost. This is because the material is actually a polyurethane-leather hybrid, with the percentage of leather content varying by manufacturer (anywhere from 17% to 60%). Bonded leather is more durable than fabric, while providing many of the same advantages in look, texture, and feel as full-grain leather. In addition, the material actually has more consistency than full-grain leather, and is even easier to clean; just take a damp cloth to the material once a week, and it should look radiant for years to come. With bonded leather, you are sure to be fully satisfied by the range of attractions offered by its unique hybrid status.


Seatcraft Sienna Home Theater Chair

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