Seatcraft Monterey BACKROW Home Theater Seating®

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Seatcraft Monterey BACKROW Home Theater Seating®

Seatcraft Monterey BACKROW Home Theater Seating®

Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating

  • Powered Headrest
  • USB Charging Port
  • Tray Table
  • In-Arm Storage
  • In-Arm Storage
  • LED Lighted Cupholders
  • LED Baselighting
  • Chaiselounger Footrests
  • BACKROW Theater Seating®
  • Power Recline

Experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort with the Monterey BACKROW Theater Seating®. Made with the highest quality materials, including leather 7000 and cool gel memory foam, this legendary home theater seat features all the most sought-after features, including powered headrests, USB charging station, lighted cupholders, and baselighting. With its unobstructed viewing over the rows ahead of it, the Monterey BACKROW is the perfect choice for any home theater.

In addition to its premium features, the Monterey BACKROW also includes overstuffed headrests, free tray tables, in-arm storage, accessory mount, chaiselounger footrests, and power recline mechanisms. With its contemporary finesse and sleek design, the Monterey BACKROW is the ultimate package in home theater seating. Elevate your home entertainment experience to the next level with the Monterey BACKROW Theater Seating®.



Powered Headrest

With just a push of a button, you can customize your seating arrangement to your preferred position and enjoy hours of uninterrupted entertainment in ultimate comfort.

Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating USB Charging

Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating Lighted Cupholder

USB Charging Port

A convenient USB port built right into the power recline switch.

Tray Table

Free tray tables attached to the armrests to place your snacks, magazines, remotes, laptops, and other items within easy arm’s reach for a hassle-free viewing experience.

Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating Base Lighting

Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating Tray Table

In-Arm Storage

Built-in armrest storage for easy access to food, magazines, remote controls, and other items. Simply flip the armrest back to store and retrieve items quickly.”

LED Lighted Cupholders

Experience a cozy atmosphere with ambient blue LED lighting for each cupholder on our home theater seats.

Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating In-Arm Storage

Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating Back Row Seating

BACKROW Theater Seating®

Sits high so you can see over every other row.

Powered Recline

Easily adjust your home theater seat to your desired reclining position with just the touch of a button.

Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating In-Arm Storage









Top Grain Leather

Top Grain Leather is one of the highest qualities of leather available on the market. Feel the difference of a richly textured material drawn from the outer hide of the animal, which heightens each of the senses in turn. The eyes will be attracted to its deep, mesmerizing grains, which are fully caressing to the touch; meanwhile, inhale the distinct aroma that only pure top grain leather can impart. This material is carefully buffed to remove any imperfections (variations in color, texture, etc.), for a smoothly consistent look that is nonetheless tougher and more durable than any other leather. This surface coating is highly resistant to tears and stains, and as such is ideal for those with kids or pets—simply wipe down with a lightly damp cloth, and this material will only become more pliable, sensuous, and handsome with age.


Seatcraft Serenity Theater Seating

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