Seatcraft Pallas Home Theater Chairs

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Seatcraft Pallas Home Theater Chairs

Seatcraft Pallas Home Theater Chairs

Seatcraft Pallas Home Theater Chairs

  • Cushioned Headrest
  • Chaiselounger Footrest
  • Rolled Armrests
  • Wall-Hugger Design

Seatcraft Pallas Home Theater Chairs are a superb, stylish addition to any home theater. It comes in brown or black leather, which imparts the seat a luxury look even as the colors will match virtually any décor. The chair’s most identifiable features are its soft cushioned seats, padded armrests, and two-section backrest. The wedged armrests are a distinct design feature that allow rows of seats to gently curve for a genuine theater ambience. Chaiselounger footrests furnish comfortable leg support, which will let you lounge in pampered elegance from head-to-toe. Wall-hugger seating ensures that the seat can stay in full recline, even while just three inches from the wall. With added cup holders and an easy to operate manual recline, the Seatcraft Pallas is a genuine value that you won’t want to miss.

Seatcraft Pallas Lumbar Support

Lumbar Support

This feature appears in seats that are specially designed to provide superior support to the lumbar or lower spine area of the back. This helps to greatly reduce back stiffness and fatigue, without sacrificing comfort.

Chaiselounger Footrest

This feature eliminates the traditional gap between the seat and the footrest, providing a full buttress of support to the lower body. In this way, the body receives head-to-toe support while in full recline.

Seatcraft Pallas Chaiselounger Recline



3601 Black


3602 Brown


This chair is constructed from a highly durable hybrid of leather and polyurethane that is perfect for those looking for a material that is easy to maintain. The bottom layer is comprised of leather, which gives it the strength and texture that can support your body for lengthy periods of time spent in front of the screen. A polyurethane coating is then added to give the material its uniform appearance and like-new shine. This coating makes the chair very easy to clean; simply wipe with a damp cloth to remove spills and dander. This also allows for a variety of color choice options not available with other forms of leather. Anyone looking for the visual aesthetic of leather combined with a no-hassle finish at a substantial value, will find this the perfect choice.


Seatcraft Pallas Home Theater Chairs

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