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Seatcraft Your Choice Bonita Home Theater Seating

Seatcraft Bonita Home Theater Seating

  • Bella Fabric
  • ComfortView™ Power Headrests
  • USB Charging Station
  • Included Tray Tables
  • Hidden In-Arm Storage
  • LED Lighted Cupholders
  • Ambient Base Lighting
  • Wall-Hugger Seating
  • Power Recline

The Bonita offers a powerful array of often coveted features for the modern era in a single, velvety recliner. Extravagant padding ensures a firm yet embracing place to rest your head every time without fail. If it wasn’t enough, adjust your view and support with the ComfortView™ Powered Headrest function using the usb-charging recline switch on the inside of each chairs armrest, cradling your neck to keep your eyes engaged with the on-screen action at any angle of preference. Charge your phones, mount your tablet, store your remotes and anything else you might need to enjoy a fun night like never before with the Seatcraft Bonita’s USB Charging stations, accessory grommets, and in-arm storage spaces.

Enjoy a convenient blue glow that gently illuminates your cupholders, and nearby floor with the touch of a button, allowing you to get out of your seat, and find it again with grace in any dark room or home theater. When you’re done, just press the button and the light beneath will be no more. For those who care about the style, the Bonita offers you any of the richest, most silken fabrics available as bella fabric in a striking black, brown, or red upholstery. So consider; why buy any other chair, when the Bonita reliably offers you so much more with none of the complications.

Seatcraft Rockford Home Theater Seating Power Headrests

ComfortView™ Power Headrests

These power headrests can adjust to a number of different positions at with ease, reducing neck and shoulder strain. Adjust to a number of desired positions with the press of a button.

USB Charging Station

This power recline switch charges your favorite devices, turns the chairs LED Lights on or off, and adjusts your ComfortView™ Powered Headrest.

Seatcraft Bonita Home Theater Seating Powered USB recline station

Seatcraft Rockford Home Theater Seating Tray Table

Free Swivel Tray Tables

Free included tray tables attach easily to the armrests. For the convenient placement of snacks, magazines, remotes, laptops, and any other items within easy arm’s reach.

Hidden In-Arm Storage

An ample storage space, which is located within the armrest itself. Simply flip the armrest back to place food, magazines, remote controls, or other items for their next use.

Seatcraft Rockford Home Theater Seating In-Arm Storage

Seatcraft Rockford Home Theater Seating Lighted Cupholders

LED Lighted Cup Holders

These cup holders have a special lighting feature which imparts a warm, azure glow. This feature allows the user to see their beverages clearly in the dark, while remaining discreet.

LED Ambient Baselighting

LED Baselighting that illuminates your theater with a sapphire aura, helping you enjoy and find the things you need in your theater better.

Seatcraft Bonita



B1124 Black


B1123 Brown


B3099 Red


Bella fabric is an exceptionally smooth, silky material that is easy to maintain and projects a warm, inviting aura. Instantly soft to the touch, it’s available in a number of different solid color options that will match any theater decor. This fabric will caress your frame, transporting you to a state of placid relaxation in moments.


Seatcraft Bonita Home Theater Seating

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