Seatcraft Your Choice Aspen Home Theater Seating

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Seatcraft Your Choice Aspen Home Theater Seating

Seatcraft Your Choice Aspen Home Theater Seat

Seatcraft Aspen Home Theater Seat

  • 5+ Material Options
  • 15+ Color Choices
  • USB Charging Station
  • Included Tray Tables
  • Hidden In-Arm Storage
  • LED Lighted Cupholders
  • Ambient Base Lighting
  • Wall Hugger Seating
  • Power or Manual Recline

The Seatcraft Your Choice Aspen is an exceedingly cozy and smooth media room seat that will fit snugly into any room. The seat back is a contemporary two-section split, with plenty of padded cushioning for the upper body. The seat is available in manual or power recline; in addition, a USB station allows one to charge laptops and cell phones, widening the entertainment options available at your fingertips.

Included tray tables in this home theater seat let one place remotes, snacks, and reading materials within easy arm’s reach, which can be put away in seconds within convenient storage compartments located within each armrest. Lighted cup holders also keep beverages close by and gently illuminated; the soft azure glow of the cup holders extends to ambient base lighting perfect as a discreet means for guests find their seats in the dark. The warm invitation of the Aspen’s shape combined with hi-tech excellence leads to seamless home theater perfection

USB Charging Station

This USB Charging Station is perfect for the charging of cell phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic items. Increase the range of entertainment available at your fingertips, without having to leave your seat.

Seatcraft Aspen USB Charging

Seatcraft Aspen Included Tray Tables

Free Swivel Tray Tables

Free included tray tables attach easily to the armrests. For the convenient placement of snacks, magazines, remotes, laptops, and any other items within easy arm’s reach.

Hidden In-Arm Storage

An ample storage space, which is located within the armrest itself. Simply flip the armrest back to place food, magazines, remote controls, or other items for their next use.

Seatcraft Aspen In-Arm Storage

Seatcraft Aspen Ambient Lighting

LED Ambient Baselighting

Your guests will always find their seats in a darkened theater with this soothing ambient base lighting, which emits a warm azure glow for an understated marquee effect.

LED Lighted Cup Holders

These cup holders keep drinks secure and within arm’s reach. A soft azure outline around the ring of the cup holder, makes them easy to find in the dark. Touch-sensitive buttons also allow one to operate the chaiselounger feature.

Seatcraft Aspen Lighted Cupholders








Bonded Leather

For those searching for the many benefits of leather combined with the affordable value of other materials, bonded leather is literally the best of both worlds. This style was a way to present the look and feel of genuine full-grain leather at a fraction of the cost. This is because the material is actually a polyurethane-leather hybrid. Bonded leather is more durable than fabric, while providing many of the same advantages in look, texture, and feel as full-grain leather. In addition, the material actually has more consistency than full-grain leather, and is even easier to clean; just take a damp cloth to the material once a week, and it should look radiant for years to come. With bonded leather, you are sure to be fully satisfied by the range of attractions offered by its unique hybrid status.


Bella fabric is an exceptionally smooth, silky material that is easy to maintain and projects a warm, inviting aura. Instantly soft to the touch, it’s available in a number of different solid color options that will match any theater decor. This fabric will caress your frame, transporting you to a state of placid relaxation in moments.

Leather Gel

Leather Gel has leather in the face of the fabric, and has significantly better wear and hydrolysis the most artifical leathers. This material exceeds 130,000 double rubs and the hydrolysis testing is over 5 years. With it’s current construction and backing this material is breathable. Leather Gel has the feel of a high-end leather but at an affordable price. It is also better for the consumer’s health by elimnating DMF.

Leather 5000

Top Grain Leather is one of the highest qualities of leather available on the market. Feel the difference of a richly textured material drawn from the outer hide of the animal, which heightens each of the senses in turn. The eyes will be attracted to its deep, mesmerizing grains, which are fully caressing to the touch; meanwhile, inhale the distinct aroma that only pure top grain leather can impart. This material is carefully buffed to remove any imperfections (variations in color, texture, etc.), for a smoothly consistent look.

Leather 7000

Leather 7000 is, quite simply, the very finest leather you can pick for your home theater seat. This exclusive, luxury material is a type of top-grain leather that is painstakingly hand-picked from the top 30% of all cow hides, chosen for premium look and texture. Only the thickest, toughest, best looking, and most durable top-grain hides will do! The leather is then carefully buffed to remove any imperfections or variations in color and texture, so that your home theater seat looks as swank, consistent, and inviting as possible.


Seatcraft Aspen Home Theater Seat

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