Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture

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Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture

Seatcraft Hawke Modern Living Room Furniture

Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture

  • ComfortViewâ„¢ Power Headrests
  • Performance Fabric
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • USB Charging Stations
  • USB/AC Charging Panel
  • Dual Cup-holder Storage Console
  • Hidden Fold-Down Table
  • Chaiselounger Footrests
  • Power Recline

The Seatcraft Hawke is meant for the living room that demands functionality and subtlety. Its high durability performance fabric upholstery, resilient foam structure, and bolstered underlying frame is meant for eternal comfort and aesthetic excellence in any family room across the globe. With high octane seating features like powered headrests, hidden fold-down tables, usb charging ports, AC charging ports, and even a wireless charging pad on the sofa variations -down table, the Seatcraft Hawke line of sofas and loveseats offer a vast range of powerful experiences in the most modest and discreet of forms.

For the sofa, the primary attraction is the hidden, -down table. All you have to do, is lift the headrest of the center seat upwards, revealing two lights with on/off switches. Then, grab the backrest, and pull it down this high endurance table reveals to you a button-activated USB/AC Charging panel, wireless charging pad, and two brilliant steel chrome cupholders.

We hope you enjoy the Hawke, hopefully sending you on an inquisition to see just how much fun you can afford in your living room right now with a simple, reliable furniture addition.

ComfortViewâ„¢ Powered Headrests

Can adjust to a number of different positions with ease to find your perfect fit every time.

Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture Adjustable Headrests for Neck pain

Capital Living Room Furniture USB Charging port

USB Charging Power Recline Port

A USB port is included in each armrests power recline switch.

Hidden Fold-Down Table

The middle seat folds down to reveal a table with two cupholders.
Included in the Seatcraft Hawke line of sofas is a wireless charging panel; less hassling with cords, more time for fun.

Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture Hidden Fold Down Table

Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture Home Theater Loveseat Storage Console

Storage Console

Console opens up to reveal ample storage behind its dual stainless steel cupholders.

Matching Pillows

2 free accent pillows per sofa or loveseat to accent flawless comfort with masterful appeal.

Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture Matching Pillows

Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture Backrest Upholstery

Finished Backrest

Comprehensive upholstery for a beautiful look anywhere in the room.

Espresso Foot Finish

Each wooden foot rest features a deep and rich espresso wood color.




Jasper Tan Performance Fabric

Built to last with durability and comfort in mind over a long-enjoyed life of use.


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Seatcraft Hawke Living Room Furniture Sizes

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