Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Seating

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Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Seating

Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Seating

Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Seating

This item has been discontinued, and is no longer being sold by any retailer.

  • Hidden In-Arm Storage
  • Wall-Hugger Seating
  • Chaiselounger Footrests
  • Free Included Tray Tables
  • Cradling Backrest
  • Back Seat Design

The Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row seating from is a wide, spacious model that will make an instant impression in any room. The seat is crafted from bonded leather, which offers much of the look and feel of full-grain leather at a supreme value. Its specialized back row design allows anyone sitting in the chair to be able to clearly see the screen, without the need for risers. The Bellagio’s firm seat back features a plush bolstered frame, which lends the seat its distinctive look. Chaiselounger footrests offer full lower body support, eliminating the gap between the seat and the footrest. Free tray tables allow one to place snacks, laptops, remotes and other items within arm’s reach. When you’re done for the night, simply place the items in the ample storage compartments hidden within each armrest. Finally, wall-hugger seating ensures that the seat can stay in full recline, even as it sits inches from the wall.

Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Tray Table

Tray Table

Free included tray tables attach easily to the armrests. For the convenient placement of snacks, magazines, remotes, laptops, and any other items within easy arm’s reach.

Back Row Seating

These chairs are specially designed to sit higher, allowing audiences an unobstructed view of the screen ahead without the need for expensive risers. At 46” tall, no-one will ever have to crane their neck to enjoy the show.

Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Seating

Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row In-Arm Storage

In Arm Storage

An ample storage space, which is located within the armrest itself. Simply flip the armrest back to place food, magazines, remote controls, or other items for their next use.


This feature eliminates the traditional gap between the seat and the footrest, providing a full buttress of support to the lower body. In this way, the body receives head-to-toe support while in full recline.

Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Chaiselounger Recline

Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Accessory Mount

Accessory Mount

This stainless steel mount comes attached to the armrest. With it, you can attach handy accessory options such as tray tables, tablet holders, wine glass caddies, and reading lights.



1001 Black


1002 Brown

Bonded Leather

For those searching for the many benefits of leather combined with the affordable value of other materials, bonded leather is literally the best of both worlds. This style, which was introduced onto the market in 2007, was a way to present the look and feel of genuine full-grain leather at a fraction of the cost. This is because the material is actually a polyurethane-leather hybrid, with the percentage of leather content varying by manufacturer (anywhere from 17% to 60%). Bonded leather is more durable than fabric, while providing many of the same advantages in look, texture, and feel as full-grain leather. In addition, the material actually has more consistency than full-grain leather, and is even easier to clean; just take a damp cloth to the material once a week, and it should look radiant for years to come. With bonded leather, you are sure to be fully satisfied by the range of attractions offered by its unique hybrid status.


Seatcraft Bellagio Back Row Seating

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