Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper

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Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper

Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper

Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper

  • Reverse Stitching
  • Covered Armrests
  • Bucket Seating
  • Transforms Into A Sleeper
  • Chaiselounger Footrest
  • In-Arm Storage
  • Wall-Hugger Design

The Seatcraft Bismarck sofa sleeper is a dazzling new two-in-one item that functions as both a sofa, and a full-blown sleeper with included mattress. As a sofa, this model features a soft bonded suede in a soothing brown finish, that highlights extremely plush cushioning and bucket-style seating. Comfort is the name of the game, with cushioning even provided on the armrests and then extending through a full chaiselounger recline on the end seats, for complete head-to-toe support. Two wedge arms on either side of the center loveseat contain space for dual cup holders, and slide back to reveal storage space for the placement of remotes, snacks, reading materials and other essential items. Simply fold out the loveseat and this sofa becomes a full sleeper, transforming your home theater into a prime bedroom as well! The mattress to this sleeper provides firm body support, for a cozy evening spent lounging in front of the screen. In addition, the sleeper does not obscure either seat at the end of the sofa, providing enjoyment for multiple guests at a time. This artful blend of design and function is a proud hallmark of the Seatcraft brand.

Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper Cup Holders

Cup Holders

These cup holders keep drinks secure and within arm’s reach. Avoid unnecessary spills, while enjoying the true benefits of movie theater seating.


The center loveseat of this sofa folds out to become a full sleeper, with included mattress. This bed will provide a solid sense of support to the body, as you relax to watch your favorites on the screen.

Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper

Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper Padded Armrests

Padded Armrest

This padding drapes casually over the armrest to provide a soft, cushioned support that will pamper your arms. This also lends your seat a swank, luxurious appearance.

Reverse Stitching

Reverse stitching lends the Bismarck a classic style, with casual vertical design accents that will make you feel right at home.

Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper Reverse Stitching

Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper In-Arm Storage

In-Arm Storage

Convenient storage compartments located within each wedge arm provide ample space for the placement of snacks, remotes, reading materials or other items essential to a night of fun. Make clean up quick and painless!



6465 Dixie Espresso

Bonded Suede

This special material was created to provide a similar texture and appearance to suede, at a superb value. As you sit in bonded suede, you will feel its thick yet pliably soft consistency providing a warm sense of support next to your skin. A smooth and consistent appearance truly mimics the swank luxury style that is the hallmark of suede. This material is also highly durable, being able to withstand heat and moisture. In addition, bonded suede is easy to maintain; simply take a slightly damp cloth to the material once a week, to wipe away dirt, dander or other minor buildup. With regular maintenance, this material will continue to provide a high standard of excellence, allowing you to sink in its caressing folds while you enjoy your favorite movie or TV program.


Seatcraft Bismarck Sofa Sleeper

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