Multimedia Sofas

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Multimedia Sofas

Multimedia Sofas by Seatcraft

Our Multimedia Sofas are dense with features, and perfect in comfort. There’s something for everyone in terms of size. Whether the situation calls for just a sofa, or just a loveseat, there’s something here for everyone’s home.


Contemporary Sofas by Seatcraft

Whether your living room, waiting room, lobby or lounge demands quality and durability from its furniture, these minimalist perfections are sure to please and keep a space minimal and sleek for lifetimes of use.

Living Room Furniture by Seatcraft

We’re a family company, and we aim to make furniture that our families love, we hope yours will too. To bring those who matter closer together in the modern era means modern conveniences in shared spaces. We’ve made elegant solutions to keep tech, comfort, and family enthusiasts in the same space using our QI wireless charging pads, adjustable headrests, USB charging ports, storage, and lights. We then added extreme durability on top of our renowned comfort-first designs and tossed 360° visual appeal on top, summing up to the best value you’ll be able to find anywhere.
No matter what you enjoy, you’re going to enjoy it a lot more on one of our Seatcraft Living Room sets.

Multimedia Sectionals by Seatcraft

For the complete experience in a room of any size, our sectionals are built to last and here to impress. Available in configurations limited only to imagination, these sectionals can be easily configured by any user with their durable, modular design. Fold-Down tables, usb charging ports, powered headrests, even sectional sofas built with ComfortView™ Powered Lumbar can be in your living room.